Interesting features:

• discover the basin and the lakes of Bruffione
• enjoy the tranquillity of the mountain woods
• purchase the typical Bagòss cheese from an Alpine hut
• breathe in the fresh clean air Valle del Caffaro
• have an outdoor picnic

Mode of Travel: on foot or horseback
Difficulty: Easy up to the plain, Moderate up to the lakes
Journey time: 1 h 30 minutes not included. return journey
Difference in elevation: significant
Recommended Period: from May to October

How to get there

From the A4 motorway (Milan-Venice) take the ‘Brescia Est’ exit. Continue along the SS45bis towards Madonna di Campiglio. After reaching Lake Idro, follow the road that runs alongside the western shore of the basin. At the roundabout head in the direction of Bagolino. Follow the signs for Passo Crocedomini. From there continue for about 20 kilometres until you reach Gaver. After passing the ski slopes and cable cars in Gaver, continue for 300 metres until you reach the bar ‘Bruffione’, where you can park.

The route

mappa itinerario dei laghetti di BruffioneThe proposed itinerary leads us on the discovery of a mountous area of exceptional beauty. The first part of the route is very simple along a bridle way. Once we pass the Bruffione plain, it becomes a little more challenging along a mountain path. BruffioneA few metres before the bar ‘Bruffione’, we take a dirt road, cross the bridge over the Caffaro stream and continue along the bridle way that leads to a valley covered in fir trees. After about 30 minutes of walking, we pass between the rocks and reach the Bruffione plain. To get to the lakes, we leave the unpaved road and proceed along the ‘413’ trail which is signposted ‘Laghi Bruffione – Lago Cornelle’ in red and white. We cross a small bridge across the stream and continue on the trail. From this point the trail becomes a little steeper but not particularly challenging. On the way we will pass a large wooded area, a creek and a small meadow. Once we have reached an Alpine hut, a little further on, the beautiful lakes of Bruffione emerge on our right (1884 m above sea level). The return journey follows the same route.

Opening times and contact details:

• Pro Loco Bagolino: via S. Giorgio, 5 – Bagolino
tel. (+39) 036599904 – (+39) 3341324766.

• Bagolino Mountain Rescue: tel. (+39) 036599782-118