Interesting features

• admire the characteristics of past military architecture
• enjoy the scenic view of Lake Idro

Mode of Travel: on foot
Difficulty: Moderate
Journey time: 5h itinerary and 3h itinerary
Difference in elevation: significant
Recommended Period: from April to October guided tours are generally organized: obligatory booking at the Territorial Agency for Tourism in Valle Sabbia and Lake Idro

How to get there
From the A4 motorway (Milan-Venice) take the ‘Brescia est’ exit. Continue along the SS45bis towards Madonna di Campiglio. Once you reach Lake Idro, follow the road that runs along the western shore of the basin. Near Anfo (just north of the residential area) there is a large car park overlooking the lake that runs along the road side. Leave the car here as the entrance to the fortress is nearby.

The place
The structure, made up of several batteries, trenches, covered roads, and barracks, is a military microcosm of great interest. Built on a Longobard settlement, it became an important outpost of the Republic of Venice between 1426 and 1797.RoccaAnfo001 This ‘Serenissima’ period was followed by the French rule of Napoleon Bonaparte who personally ordered the fortress to be modernised and restructured following the creation of new warfare techniques. Subsequent modifications carried out by the Austrians and then by the Kingdom of Italy were of a smaller entity: in 1915, with the annexation of Trentino to Italy, the fortress was no longer a border outpost and gradually lost its strategic importance until it was eventually abandoned. The Fortress has been open to the public since 2007, thanks to the intense recovery work carried out by the ‘Gruppo Sentieri Attrezzati di Idro 95’.

Opening times and contact details
Visits: Please find opening times in advance as works on safety measures are underway. Please contact the Territorial Agency for Tourism in Valle Sabbia and Lake Idro for booking and information tel. +(39) 036583224.

Find out more
The following publication can be purchased at the Territorial Agency for Tourism in Valle Sabbia and Lake Idro, via Trento 16: Giuseppe Calabria,La Rocca d’Anfo, Gruppo Sentieri Attrezzati di Idro 95 E 10.